380 Piece Drop

On June 10, 2022 at Michigan Fashion Week we launched at Eastern Market. Now you can get a piece our limited run of premium goods.

  • About MA

    Modern Athlete (MA) is an American luxury fashion label, founded in Detroit by Hajj Flemings.  We are designing ‘Everyday Luxury’ for everyday athletes.  We believe that creatives, entrepreneurs, designers and modern workers are redefining ‘Life + Style’.  We are a luxury web 3 fashion+wellness brand merging physical wearables + NFTs.

  • About The Collection

    The Modern Athlete: Season One capsule line is designed to be everyday wear that you can pull from your backpack and wear.  You can go from prayer/mediation or working out, to the coffee shop, doing a presentation to going out all from a backpack.  Modern Athlete makes the connection between life, style and wellness.  The line was inspired by Hajj Flemings health journey.

  • About Hajj

    Hajj Flemings is a serial entrepreneur, brand technologist and CEO and Founder of RebrandX.  RebrandX is building the Next Generation of brands on the internet which will redefine how cities, small businesses and people impact the world. The family of brands include:  Rebrand Cities, Rebrand Black and Brand Camp University.